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Libra Profile/Score

What is the LIBRA profile and score?

LIBRA stands for Lifestyle for Brain Health. The LIBRA profile and score are personal to you. They are based on the responses that you have given to the questions in the In-MINDD Profiler pertaining to 12 different factors related to lifestyle. There is evidence to show that these 12 factors can impact on your brain health and can influence your chances of developing dementia in later life. These factors are listed across:

Libra Factors

cognitive_activityCognitive Activity
blood_pressureBlood pressure
chronic_kidney_diseaseChronic Kidney Disease
heart_diseaseHeart Disease
physical_activityPhysical Exercise

What does my Libra profile and score tell me?

Your LIBRA profile and score have been calculated to give you an overview of your Lifestyle for Brain Health. We have devised your personalised plan based on the information you provided when completing the In-MINDD profiler.

You will find your personalised plan by clicking on any of the icons below. Here you will receive information on why this factor is important for your brain health. The information includes advice and tips on making lifestyle changes. Alongside this advice we will also support and encourage you by giving you a number of goals from which you can choose under each Room for Improvement factor

Keep it Up

Your Keep This Up Score is: 0%

This score is based on a sum of all those factors where you are doing well. These factors are presented below.

What do I do next?

If you have no icons above please go to icons under Room for Improvement and Remember to Manage Well to see what you can do to protect your long term brain health.

Room for Improvement

Your Room for Improvement Score is: 0%

If you are not faring so well in any of nine factors listed below, these are included in your Room for Improvement score:

  • Cognitive Activity
  • Mood
  • Diet
  • Blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Cholesterol
  • Physical Activity
  • Alcohol consumption

*Your Room for improvement score is a sum of the factors where there is scope for improvement. The following factors are included in your Room for Improvement score:

What do I do next?

There are lifestyle changes that you can make to impact the factors in your Room for Improvement space. If you make the necessary lifestyle changes, you may improve your LIBRA profile (decreasing your Room for Improvement Score and increasing your Keep It Up score). Making the necessary changes will help to improve your brain health and reduce your chance of developing dementia in later life.

If you have no icons above that is good news!

Remember to manage well

Your Remember to Manage Score is: 0%

If you reported that you have none of these conditions, no icons will appear below.

A Remember to Manage Score applies where you have reported that you have diabetes, renal dysfunction or heart disease. Your Remember to Manage Well Score is made up of the sum of these factors reported by you when completing the profiler.

Your responses tell us that you need to remember to manage the following well with the support of your GP

What do I do next?

Managing these conditions will not change your LIBRA profile or your Keep It Up score, but it is important that you manage these conditions effectively to maintain good health. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will help you to manage these conditions.

If you have no icons above, go to the relevant icons unders Keep This Up to find information on lifestyle choices that can help prevent these conditions in the future.

Click on any of the factors above to read more about why it is important to keep looking after each of these factors.

Where can I find more information?

Your personalised plan also includes links to government websites and websites of non-governmental o rganisations that offer advice and support for each factor. The In-MINDD research team do not endorse any external website, they are there simply as a guide for users should they wish to use them.